Blue White Robotics visits Washington State

Blue White Robotics visiting Washington

As the US economy attempts to rebound and the stockmarket flounders closer to the year high, agriculture is left to ponder the un-answered questions of 2020 The past year has been rife with troubling stories. How can we address already scarce labor, compounded by travel restrictions and border closures? What does the future of the […]

World’s first drone pollination of dates Successful!

Date palm pollination evidence

During March – April 2020, 4 pollination flights were made, one per week. The optimal pollination height was tested and set. To test the pollination effectiveness, glass collection slides were placed within the tree canopy, and later examined under a microscope. Flower samples were collected from the trees to test for positive pollen presence on […]

Blue White Robotics Aims To Become The AWS Of Autonomy

Drone and autonomous lab

Blue White Robotics, based in Israel and with operations also in the United States and Brazil, aims to offer customers an autonomy platform that integrates multiple types of robots, from aerial drones to autonomous tractors to driverless shuttles. Ben Alfi, the company’s CEO, emphasizes that rather than developing its own autonomy stack, his team focuses […]