Blue White Robotics was founded in 2017 by Ben Alfi, Yair Shahar, and Aviram Shumeli, ex-IAF pilots and engineers, with over 20 years of operations experience in autonomous air & ground technologies. From our first autonomous shuttle implementation in Israel to autonomous farms in California,

We support cutting edge technology with services to revolutionize industries

Through autonomy.


We believe that the best opportunities for growth develop when working together.  We are invested in mutual improvement and good will of our partners, clients, and employees.

Love of the land

We believe that our employees should have a respect and appreciation for the land that brings our benefit – in-country, in nature, and in business.


We believe that the best future for humanity is an autonomous one, ordered through the thoughtful and deliberate drive for innovative ideas, technologies, and business models.

Blue White Robotics and tractor Brazil

Our team

Our team is our greatest asset and strength.
We are a diverse group of engineers, operators, and business experts with a shared passion for autonomous vehicles and robotics. Together, we share a community across three continents and provide our customers with the combined experience of our fast-growing family.