Blue White Robotics featured in CTech

CEO Ben Alfi

Israel is known for its robust military technology sector, and particularly the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are specifically engineered for reconnaissance, border control, battlefield surveillance, transporting supplies, and other types of missions. Blue White Robotics, a startup based out of Tel Aviv and founded in 2017, decided to take the local superiority in the UAV market and give it an Israeli, albeit civilian twist: instead of being used for military purposes, drones could be used to help pollinate dates in the Arava desert. During its first test in March 2020, four pollination flights were made, one per week, in which drones transported pollen to date palm trees’ flower stigmata, with results showing that 90% of the trees were successfully fertilized. It has also developed an autonomous shuttle at Bar-llan University, that helps transport students and professors across campus.


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