Part II of CEO Ben Alfi’s appearance on Mike DeSa’s “Vets In Ag Podcast”

We continue with Ben and Mike’s discussion about the intersection of the armed forces and agriculture. The original audio version of the podcast is available at the end of the article, but here’s the second of three installments of its transcription (and the first if you missed it): Mike DeSa: Why do you think unmanned […]

Blue White Robotics Partners With 5G Open Innovation Lab to Provide Full Connectivity Across Autonomous Farms

Utilizing a private 5G-capable network for LTE connectivity on the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) broadcast frequencies, eliminating latency and cloud-compute issues in autonomous farm operations. Autonomous vehicles rely on communications with the remote operator. While our autonomous farm has been able to execute missions with limited communication, higher bandwidth can support improved safety capabilities, […]

Feature: The competition heats up as “No drivers needed with new tractor technology”

Autonomous tractor technology begins marketing to Western U.S. orchard and vineyard growers. (Originally featured in Good Fruit Grower) Monarch Tractor, a California-based manufacturer, brought a pilot version of its electric and autonomous tractor for demonstrations with the tree fruit and wine grape industries in Washington in April. The first production models are expected to be delivered […]

Blue White Robotics releases autonomous tractor

Developed by Tel Aviv-based Blue White Robotics, the autonomous tractor kit can reportedly be installed on any third-party conventional tractor within one day. Along with a GPS module, the setup also incorporates LIDAR units and optical cameras for detection and avoidance of obstacles; a pressure-sensitive front bumper that causes the tractor to stop if it […]

Blue White Robotics visits Washington State

Blue White Robotics visiting Washington

As the US economy attempts to rebound and the stockmarket flounders closer to the year high, agriculture is left to ponder the un-answered questions of 2020 The past year has been rife with troubling stories. How can we address already scarce labor, compounded by travel restrictions and border closures? What does the future of the […]

World’s first drone pollination of dates Successful!

Date palm pollination evidence

During March – April 2020, 4 pollination flights were made, one per week. The optimal pollination height was tested and set. To test the pollination effectiveness, glass collection slides were placed within the tree canopy, and later examined under a microscope. Flower samples were collected from the trees to test for positive pollen presence on […]

Blue White Robotics Aims To Become The AWS Of Autonomy

Drone and autonomous lab

Blue White Robotics, based in Israel and with operations also in the United States and Brazil, aims to offer customers an autonomy platform that integrates multiple types of robots, from aerial drones to autonomous tractors to driverless shuttles. Ben Alfi, the company’s CEO, emphasizes that rather than developing its own autonomy stack, his team focuses […]