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An innovation accelerator for start-ups and entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting the autonomous future through disruptive innovation and breakthrough ideas.


Our unique expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies and our deep knowledge of the unmanned industry allow us to lead the revolution and create a home for those who wish to tag along.

BWI serves has an innovation accelerator, dedicated to promoting an autonomous future through the support and development of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the industry of unmanned technology. We offer our partners end-to-end services from the inception of an idea through maturity all the way to mass production.


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Easy Aerial

Easy Aerial is an American company based in Brooklyn, NY which develops, produces and deploy fully autonomous drone-based solution for perimeter security and incident management. Easy Aerial’s Smart Aerial Monitoring System (“SAMS”) works using autonomous sUAS (drones) that are deployed from a mobile or stationary launchpad and housing called Easy Guard.


Innovative UAV start up led by elite ex Israeli Air Force veterans, disrupting the future of long-distance drone deployment. Unique tactical solution to reduce flight time to long-distance military targets; Execute long distance missions in minimal time and accompanied be maximal operational efficiency. Flexible multi-mission UAV capable of air, land and naval deployment. Cost-effective aerial system effective against moving targets and other strategic objectives.

Open up a world of new UAV military mission capabilities with Spear UAV.


The experts in designing and establishing technology-based security solutions with drones and advanced autonomous instruments.

Zorcom group was founded by security expert Zohar Cohen, who served in Israel's General Security Service ("Shin Bet"). In 33 years of Service, Mr. Cohen has held a wide range of positions in command and management of operational security units, accumulating unique and up-to-date knowledge and experience in all areas of security and operational activities. Mr. Cohen is highly trained in all types of security formations and has accrued ten years of experience all around the world as part of his missions. Mr. Cohen is an expert in the field of operational control of security facilities, personal security, and overt and covert operational security.

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Headquartered in Israel, Camikaze are engaged in the manufacturing of premium consumer drone technology and aerial photography systems, based 100% on proven Israeli military technology. The decades of self-sacrifice our team has endured in the military realm has inspired a level of technological dedication and precision that was previously unimaginable to the civilian consumer.

Until today, consumers, athletes and extreme sports professionals have been forced to compromise, by employing second-rate civilian drone technology.

No longer is this the case…