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~Our brand identity is a picture of our mission. To harness the power of synchronized autonomy, and enhance its adoption. ~

Autonomous experts believe that building ingenious innovations will change the world for the better.

Building them isn’t enough.

Innovation is inherently impolite. It interrupts paradigms of established thinking. It challenges orthodoxy in business, in culture and the regulatory world.

Simply building new ideas and waiting for them to be adopted will not work. Adoption itself must be innovative. It’s time for business models in autonomy to make the same leap as their products, and circumvent the forces holding them back.

Our brand takes the concept of autonomy beyond the product and through to our identity and motivations: Scaling autonomy in every sense.
The approach has its origin in the founding of our company. Seeing the rapid pace in adoption of autonomous vehicles our founding partners considered what would be the best way to preserve their value across time. They implemented a clear and rigorous debriefing process inspired by time spent in the IAF. This process allows us to review every operation and spot the common bottlenecks or failures before they happen. Each new technology or scenario strengthens our capabilities and each point of failure is a teaching moment to accelerate our growth. This philosophy is carried forward through our BlueWhite™ Platform.

The next step is obvious:


Synchronized birds

~We see technology synchronisation as necessary and inevitable to achieve positive autonomy for society.~

Technology has always been a force multiplier. Each new tool or capability increasing the productivity of work, but without synchronization, innovations can never reach their combined potential.

Each capability is only one pillar and although beautiful, a single pillar holds nothing aloft.

Current levels of utilization leave much to be desired.

A farmers tractor schedule should only change because of demand. Never because of fluctuations in labor quality or availability.

A fully synchronized fleet of tractors is now possible 24/7 with real time command.

True Autonomy is achieved when the fleet is integrated into a closed loop of the Autonomous Farm: 

Management apps, scouting drones, weather stations, pollination, irrigation, mowing, inputs and harvest all connected and informing each other to decisive action.

Together, the combined strength of multiple innovations are more than the sum of their parts. 

This is empowerment. This is the full potential of synchronized Autonomy.


Multiple industry collage

~We see potential in the diversity of the world, united and ordered under fellowship.~

To create a good autonomous product requires that you hyper specialize, and a specialist can’t serve or reach everyone. It’s too expensive.

By itself, Autonomy is very hard to scale.

It’s unfortunate how many fantastic and diverse autonomous companies and solutions never get adopted by the right customers because of the learning curve, cost, and regulations. 

But what if it were simple? Why isn’t there a way to connect the best customers with the best tools and companies without the extra time or cost?

What if autonomy vendors could focus on building the best tools for the job, instead of having to integrate and operate them everywhere at once?

The path reveals itself: combine their specialties through a single platform anywhere in the world. Build this platform with service teams, compliant with any government or regulations to guide the way.

Bring the many to the one, and the one to many, for the benefit of all, seamlessly.

Wouldn’t that be innovative?

Our many partner vendors enjoy unrivaled access to our diverse customers, and their united success turns the cycle of adoption faster with each connection.


Woven cloth

~The only way to adopt disruptive and innovative ideas on scale is by simplifying and make them seamless.

Although many products exist, reputable guidance on how to use them is conspicuously missing in the industry of autonomy.

Autonomy adoption must be easy and transparent for customers to be comfortable. Vendors often make the mistake of believing “new” and “revolutionary” ideas are attractive concepts. When a customer hears “new” they hear “unacceptable risk”.  Like the common Adage says: “The customer doesn’t want a drill. They want screws in the wall.” There must be a clear authority to confirm a technology is ready to adopt and the decision should be effortless.

Our platform is designed for simplicity: easy to learn and use. After adoption users gain access to a full portfolio of autonomous technologies to choose from within the same interface. Each increases ROI without hours of research, testing, or hiring additional personnel. We handle that.

If there is a question on insurance, regulation conops, or even repair we have personnel to guide the customer or vendor to the best decision.

The traditional downsides are removed from the process while building increased confidence in the business relationships.

Reputable companies provide credible reference to the benefits of adoption all in one place.


Happy farmer in tractor

If 2020 has taught us anything, we have learned that the best opportunities for growth exist when all parties are invested in the journey of improvement and good will. We carry this philosophy through in both our internal and external message. 

For employees it means that the company benefits as they do. Their personal growth builds company strength. Likewise, for partners and customers when their needs are heard and addressed, we gain the rewards of a successful relationship. 

We believe that our employees should have a respect and appreciation for the land that brings our benefit: In country, in nature and in business.

We see great problems in the world for what they are: opportunities for betterment and our responsibilities. Chaos and uncertainty need only a change of perspective and strong will to be seen as opportunity and potential.

It is our conviction that the best future for humanity is an autonomous one, ordered through the thoughtful and deliberate drive for diverse, innovative ideas and technologies. These many aspects of life come together and form a whole greater than its parts.

Our brand is a picture of our mission:

Autonomy, Now.

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