NVIDIA DRIVE AI Solutions Enables BWR to Offer Israeli Startups and OEMs Access to Training, Simulation and Inferencing Capabilities

Tel Aviv, October 25th 2019 - Blue White Robotics (BWR), a leading service provider in the field of AV testing and certification, announced today it is teaming with AI-leader NVIDIA on the development of an autonomous vehicle test-bed. BWR’s AV test-bed is a vehicle dedicated for AV testing with extensive capabilities built on board—enabling Israel’s automotive ecosystem, including automakers, tier 1 suppliers and startups to integrate, test, evaluate and certify all levels of autonomous technologies.

BWR will leverage the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform -- which includes an automotive-grade AI computer and a full software stack with a suite of deep neural networks (DNNs) -- to allow for faster integration, testing and assessment of all levels of autonomous capabilities. BWR’s solution will bring together technologies developed by a variety of Israeli companies, including sensors and sensor fusion technology, to test and certify various AV functions. The test-bed includes plug-and-play, full-system integration, development testing, data collection and teleoperation. As a result, BWR is poised to help Israeli companies accelerate the development of advanced AV technologies and strengthen their position in the global autonomous industry.

“At BWR, our mission is to expand the automotive ecosystem in Israel, and we are glad to be part of the DRIVE ecosystem, leveraging NVIDIA’s training, simulation and inference capabilities for use among startups. It will also enable OEMs that haven't yet established R&D centers in Israel - the ability to develop, test and integrate new, safe AV technologies,” said Aviram Shmueli, CTO, V.P R&D at BWR.

Rammy Bahalul, director of industry business development at NVIDIA, added “In-vehicle sensor-testing and certification is important for advancing our partner ecosystem development and readiness. This test-bed platform is well suited for local Israeli startup communities and OEMs.”

BWR’s solution features NVIDIA Xavier, the world’s first system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed for autonomous machines—delivering up to 30 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of performance using just 30 watts. Architected for safety, Xavier incorporates six different types of processors to run redundant and diverse algorithms for AI, sensor processing, mapping and driving—making it the path to production for Level 2+ automated driving to Level 5 robotaxis. BWR will integrate two Xavier processors, delivering up to a combined 60 TOPS.

BWR was established in 2017 and is focused on RaaS (Robots as a Service) solutions to optimize operations' efficiency and productivity. BWR also offers testing, licensing and operation services for the entire autonomous community. It serves as the official operator of the Israeli Test Center for autonomous vehicles and smart mobility via Ayalon HW/MOT and has performed more than 250 autonomous tests with a broad portfolio of companies from Israel and around the globe. The BWR team brings tremendous expertise that spans more than 30 years in the field of unmanned systems, offering a unique know-how and proven test engineering methodologies.