BWR Award Winner of BIRD HLS program along with Easy Aerial Inc.!

The BIRD Foundation approved a $1 million investment for the joint project between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA aimed to develop a multi-mission command and control system for various types of UAVs for national security operations. The project was selected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Israel's Ministry of Internal Security as part of the BIRD HLS program which aims to develop advanced homeland security technologies.

This collaboration between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA will allow for one operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones with several different tasks, from an advanced command center, and will be available for every type of autonomous air vehicle.

BWR employs security personnel and Air Force veterans with decades of experience in the autonomous world of air and land operations. The company is a world leader in operating autonomous tools as a service and provides end-to-end autonomous vehicle services in the fields of agriculture, security, rescue, energy, and more, utilizing control systems capable of managing tens to hundreds of autonomous vehicles. This service provides customers with an efficient and advanced systems solution that helps reduce operating costs. Thanks to the BIRD grant, BWR will set up two control and command centers in Israel and the United States.

Ben Alfi, Founder and CEO of BWR: "With this support BWR will launch two control centers in Israel and the United States and will continue to develop and lead the world in autonomous control systems . The winning of the BIRD HLS grant will enable the development of the project that will lead the autonomous future and bring it into commercialization to meet the professional needs of first responders in Israel and the United States. This collaboration is in line with BWR values which are: unity, love of country and innovation."

Easy Aerial is an American company that designs and manufactures automated drones and ground control systems in Brooklyn, New York. The overall system allows for takeoff, landing, and charging of the drones without human intervention. The system can be stationary or portable on various vehicles, unmanned boats and ships.

Ido Gur, Co-founder and CEO of Easy Aerial: "With this grant, we will open the next generation of command and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, incorporating cutting-edge technologies aimed at advancing autonomous aviation for the security of facilities and borders.

Dr. Eitan Yudilevitch, CEO of the BIRD Foundation, said, "The BIRD Foundation is proud to support the technological collaborations between Israeli and American companies. The BWR and Easy Aerial project is under the BIRD HLS program. This program is an initiative of the Technology Administration in the U.S. Ministry of Defense and Israel's Ministry of Defense in order to advance and invest in joint technological initiatives between Israeli and American companies in accordance to the needs determined by the two countries. We wish the companies success in achieving their goals."

The BIRD Foundation (Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) is the Israel-U.S. bi-national research and development foundation. The fund works to encourage and fund research and development collaborations between Israeli and American companies in the various technology areas. During it's 42 years of operation, the BIRD foundation has supported 1000 projects.

The BIRD foundation supports projects without obtaining any rights from the project affiliates. The foundation funds are returned as royalty only if there are sales of project products. Funding is limited to up to 50% of the project budget, from the research and development phase to the early stages of sales and marketing. The Foundation does not require payment if the project does not reach the sales stage.

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