Land Division

Paving your pathway to an autonomous future

BWR provides a variety of services in the autonomous world in order to allow companies to complete the product in the shortest time possible, at low cost and with high professionalism.

Assimilate Technology

BWR offers end-to-end test solutions including full test programs, safety handling, and scenario designs. We specialize in test engineering and AV (Autonomous Vehicles) test conduct and are the official and exclusive operator of all AV Testing & Smart Transportation Test Center in Israel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation/Ayalon HW. Our team has a proven track record of more than 200 AV Experiments with OEMs, Tier I & II companies, on various AV disciplines.

BWR - Test Procedure


Pre Plan Questioner

• Understand the needs

• Setting Schedules 

Test Plan

Early stage

• We write, you approve

• Includes what we are going to check, when and how

Prototype -> Full scale

• Custom made indoor/outdoor tests

• Advanced equipment and unique facilities


Engineers’ report

• Results

• Statistics

• Recommendations 

Professional accompaniment 

• Collaborations

• etc


Based on our established and well experienced methodology for new autonomous system licensing process we can take care of all the nitty-gritty details of the regulatory process so you can keep your focus on your product.

Working alongside the ITIC - International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Certification enables us to perform an end-to-end certification process of complete self-driving vehicle in Israel.


BWR utilizes well established Agile Development Methodologies, System Engineering for Autonomous system and internal development resources to obtain unique capabilities to allow unique services for our customers in the field of AVs.

We are focused on the Next Gen. Autonomous Test Vehicle to enable our customers evaluate any new autonomous technology.

Our services include:

  • Integrating sensors and special measurement systems

  • Unique development capabilities for Tier I & II companies’ requirements

  • Tailored evaluation solutions

  • Data collection for AI Training of AV technology development

Development & Integration

BWR personnel comes with a rich and diverse background in the world of unmanned, enabling them to help professional veteran companies and new ambition from directing the product through supervising the recruitment process to the testing process and product substantiation – From our perspective, the way to succeed is through the success of our clients.