Our agile algorithms, sensor suite, and cutting edge AI combine to stand up to real world applications.

Regardless of conditions, our platform continues to deliver the most

Holistic Solution.

An Autonomous Farm

Platform is the complete infrastructure – software, hardware, and communications that allow us to automate every farming task.

Accessibility is in mind

Through an easy and safe adoption process that’s financially feasible.

With a focus on ROI

By reducing labor costs, human error, and inputs while increasing farm-wide productivity – paying dividends starting on Day One.

The best solution

Industry-wide integrations and year-round farming operations – our platform provides the most complete and robust solution.

The Autonomous Platform

Starts with management software

That allows one operator to easily operate and manage a fleet of autonomous vehicles with control of any type of tractor, robot, or drone. Optimal planning and a variety of actionable insights – from timing sprays to harvest decisions – are in your hands at any time.

Platform tablet

And our robot kit

Is designed to be vehicle agnostic. The self-driving tractor market kit converts any existing tractor to fully autonomous. Through multiple sensors, ultra-high precision navigation, and robust AI models, we ensure real-time situational awareness with no downtime.

With a Robots as a Service Approach

Our boots on the ground

Support makes for easy adoption. We help transition and empower your management team to operate your 21st century robotic fleet on their own with continuous, 24/7 support.

Blue White Robotics autonomous tractor
Blue White Robotics platform

An autonomy partner for life

Working alongside leading agriculture technology companies to continuously improve farm productivity – from farm management to crop diagnostics.